Hello world! Will everyone have a blog in 50 years?

This is to be the first post in a narcissistic, introspective web log.  What are common reasons people start blogs?

1.  To feel cool.  Do most people think this is cool?  Would James Dean have been the top-rated blogger?  Blogging might be dorky the way e-mail used to be dorky.  Or it could be lame the way things like dungeon’s and dragons have always been lame.  I think right now it’s leaning toward e-mail dorky, everyone LUUVs Facebook afterall.


One Response to Hello world! Will everyone have a blog in 50 years?

  1. Larry Perry says:

    I thought I’d start broad, with some general principles i think let you live a good life:

    1. Try to stay positive. It’s too bad those of us with lots don’t often have interactions with happy people who don’t have anything. The really impressive ones live in foreign countries, but there’s lots of happy, broke people in the US too.
    2. Try to only spend time with people you like. “Life’s too short to hang out with people you don’t like,” is a rule of thumb when deciding whether you are going to be guilted into doing certain things.

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