Free NBA picks: 10/30/08

CLEVELAND (-9.5) over Charlotte:  The Cleveland LeBron’s looked great on opening night, losing a close game on the road to the fired-up defending champs.  Charlotte…let’s just say they’re not as good as Boston.  Lebron doesn’t start 0-2, and this will be a blowout.

Houston at DALLAS:  UNDER 190:  It seems that good teams, or at least veteran teams tend to cover the under since they know how to defend, while young inexperienced teams cover the over because of blown assignments, poor box-outs, etc.  These are two older, veteran teams known for defense, and without a lot of great scorers (Ron Artest for 3!  Jason Kidd with the pullup!)

I’ll keep a running total of accuracy


One Response to Free NBA picks: 10/30/08

  1. Nik Scalise says:

    Larry, I like the picks and took Cleveland tonight as well. You may be interested in my blog to help track your picks. I will definitely stop by again, enjoy the read.

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