NBA big man extensions

Andrew Bynum: 4 years, $58 million.  At about $15mil per year, he’s now close to max contract money, but not a ton more than the markey for run-of-the-mill starting big man (like Okafor and Nene).  Only an extra $4mil or so per year, and i’m sure the nuggets or bobcats would surely trade straight up for Bynum.  So good contract for the Lakers, especially since it’s only 4 years they hedge against a career-ending injury.  Also probably a good contract for Bynum, since he’s only 21 and will come back on the market at 25 with a chance to get his 9-figure mega-contract.

Jason Maxiel, 4 years $20 million.  Another good contract for Joe Dumars.  Maxiel has shown he’s a good energy big off the bench, and his offense is getting better.  Against the Celtics he hit a number of good-looking elbow jumpers, which is a good sign going forward.  His weight is under control too, and as with Bynum I think the number or years works for both sides (although Maxiel is a bit older, and I’m sure would have preferred a longer, bigger deal.


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