Free NBA picks: 11/5/08

Tonight in the NBA:

UTAH (-7) over Portland.  Did people forget that Utah never loses at home?  Last year they were the best in the NBA at home, and one of the best teams in the Western conference.  Portland may be one of the most promising up and coming teams in the NBA, but don’t forget what that means: they’re not there yet.  Also I like how much depth they have, but In a way I think they have a team full of 3/4/5 guys on a typical NBA team, without any real 1 or 2 best players (although Brandon Roy may get there this year).  Boozer and D. WIlliams will be the two best players on the court, and that will be enough as the Jazz support players hold there own against the Blazers.

CLEVELAND (-8.5) over Chicago.  I think Cleveland is one of the top 4 teams in the NBA, and don’t believe that people has recognized this yet.  They just demolished Dallas, a veteran and still formidable team, on their home floor.  Chicago still stinks until proven otherwise, and while D. Rose looks like the real deal, he is a rookie in his first two weeks in the NBA.  This game will be over in the 3rd quarter.


One Response to Free NBA picks: 11/5/08

  1. Nik Scalise says:

    I like the selections and will be playing them tonight. You should track these on our site….again good write ups and will be sure to keep following.

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