Goodbye, John McCain

You would have made a very good president.  But your time was in 2000, and I’m sure even, especially Republicans wish you had won then instead of “W.”  America needed you back then, but now we need someone else, for reasons of inspiration and getting this country’s global self-respect back.


One Response to Goodbye, John McCain

  1. larryperry says:

    People need to always consider this: McCain sat, in a Hanoi POW camp, for 5 years with a free pass home anytime, in a dark broom closet with broken ribs and a prison commander who hated him. And everything since then has confirmed that he really isn’t a bad guy. Instead quite the opposite. But don’t get my wrong: Barack Obama will be better. I guess I just can’t stop wishing for the world that happened when McCain beat Bush in the 2000 Republican primary.

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