Karma for South Carolina

If you made a movie about how George Bush smeared John McCain in the Republican primaries before the 2000 elections, it would be pretty depressing.  The way, after a victory by an upstart in the independent, spunky, and tough state of New Hampshire, maybe there was a real chance for change among Washington politicians.  After all, McCain was for campaign finance reform as one of his signature issues, and “taking on the special interests.”  This was great, especially since McCain was so well-liked, and the rules would have really given an advantage to the best candidates, and no longer money.

In short, the rest of the movie is about McCain getting smeared by the stupid, obnoxious guy with more money, unbelievably calling voters and telling them that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child.  This against a guy with more character than any republican in decades, who served 5 years as POW and tried to serve his country as best he could when he got back.

Flash forward 8 years through the Bush fiasco and McCain is losing, mostly as a result of Bush.  Bush has so disgusted lots of reliably republican voters, that McCain is crushed in a landslide by a brilliant African-American, who inspires the nation to hope for something more than the incompetence of the man McCain seemed poised to defeat 8 years earlier.  A beautiful black family waves to adoring crowds of tens to hundreds of thousands.  If that isn’t Karma for the ultimate low for Republicans in racist, lying politics.  I guess “W” gets off into the sunset scot-free.

If one wanted to flash further forward than that, they could show a Reagan-like effect and decades of dominance by the Democratic party.  In particular, you have the entire generation of young professionals with a mob-like mentality to support Democrats.  Bush insulted both our education and our intelligence for eight years!  This one is going to be tough to recover from, for Republicans.


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