Mumbai Attacked!

I have no current news to add, other than to comment that holy shit are the amateur reporters owning this story.  It’s all CNN and the New York Times can do to quote them, and basically send you to their websites.  Check out wikipedia for a phenomenal, evolving description of this story.  This attack is similar to 9/11 in worldwide scope to me, in part because of its far superior organization.  9/11 was 20 guys again Delta ticket agents.  This is hundreds of well-armed men destroying the downtown center of the largest democracy in the world.

Further research about Mumbai (which of course used to be Bombay):  It’s the financial capital of India with 13 million people.  It’s the largest port in India, handling half of the trade volume and corresponding import taxes.  It pays 40% of the nation’s income tax, with a population of 13 million in a sea of 800 million people.  Mumbai scientists built India’s atomic bomb. 

India is a much different nation than the U.S., and I’m sure Mumbai’s relationship with the rest of the country is far different as well.

Here’s some of my personal commentary about this event, as posted on New York Times:  At this early stage of this story it is crucial not to jump to conclusions.  But when we step back we see that this is a leftist group attacking India’s version of Wall Street, as Mumbai is the financial center and largest, richest port city, and in a very organized and dangerous way.  We may need to soon consider that international terrorists has moved its war towards the financial crisis of 2008 as a rallying cry.  This would be a replacement of earlier frustrations with American global military reach (eg. bases in Saudi Arabia).  In this scenario, I wonder if the next step could be America’s cultural influence: where are the symbolic centers of McDonald’s and WalMart?


4 Responses to Mumbai Attacked!

  1. jeff says:

    Just a few questions:
    Why are Muslims being blamed again without any concrete evidence?
    Why only the police officers that were investigating Hindu terrorism in India for past few weeks were one of the first ones to be killed?
    Why Maharashtra was so open for alleged , “muslim terrorists”, when BJP has such a strong hold on the city of Mumbai that politicians like Raj Thackeray can butcher a birthday cake that had the word “Bhaiyya” (Bhaiyya is a word for Biharis in India) written on it publicly?
    Why authorities or media are not looking into other possibilities?
    Why are the terrorists keeping hostages and not identify themselves or start negotiations?
    Why are the terrorists not killing themselves just as supposed Islamic terrorists have done in the past?
    Why are Indian journalists talking about an “encounter” (term for killing suspects in police shoot out) instead of actually an attempt to “arrest” the perpetrators and investigate who they really are and what are their intentions?
    For those who target Muslims without answering all the above mentioned questions kindly learn to speculate, investigate, analyze and than come to a conclusion.

  2. larryperry says:

    Thanks for your comment! I hope there is concrete evidence about whatever happened in Mumbai. I would certainly think there would be, as it seemed to be dozens (at least) of attackers

    I have to admit I don’t know lots of the other details about the situation in India. I’m sure it is a complex situation. But let’s not forget that so far we have lots of gunmen and wild gunfire, arson of national monuments, and hostage taking supposedly of those with “British and American passports.” Again, no real sources on this other than wikipedia.

    I am all about speculating, investigating, analyzing, and coming to conclusions. I guess to me this just smells so much like 9/11, that as an American it’s hard not to think about it. But by all means I want to give Muslims and every other group worldwide the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

  3. mahatma gandhi says:

    conclusion is well known and whole world know that islam and violance are two side of coin

  4. larryperry says:

    Looking back at my initial post I realized I never mentioned anything about Muslims. And I said don’t jump to conclusions really clearly. I think my only assumption was that the attackers really hated the West (and I’ll stick by it: I bet they do). Any other blog readers think I’m being anti-Muslim?

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