Surgical Oncology Hospital

There isn’t a lot of research about how Anesthesia techniques impact not just surgical but cancer outcome.  The bit that you can find is fairly recent and seems to indicate that epidurals can help (maybe by decreasing the unconscious pain/stress response during surgery?).  It would be good research to figure out more techniques that can help, and good business to run a hospital that specializes in cancer patient outcomes.  Different anesthesias and surgeries The facility would take referrals from oncologists, operate, track outcomes, and discharge patients back to their home oncologists.  You could mix your practice bulding with any amount of outcome improvement measures and research your practice did in the burgeoning new field.  But the first hospital chain would basically get to set the standard.  With a good anesthesia based quality improvement program in place, it wouldn’t be hard to to get fellowship-trained surgeons to come work for you.  Especially if you already had a base of patients and referral providers.  Business or academics?  Both (and we’re going public).  Now this, I think, is tying it all together.


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